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The message of identity is also often sent through purchasing decisions: decorations can be rainbow colored, a signal for gay pride. These are ways of publicly forming a gay identity which is assertive social behavior for SSC (Wardlow 1996: 114). The defining feature of globalization is the spread of consumer culture (Shove & Warde 1998: 2). The day to day activities of SSC is based on the aspirations of wanting a better life (Gidden 1984: 24). SSC social behaviors are based on established patterns of gay and lesbian consumption (Reckwitz 2002: 244).


Consumption for the SSC is a new social movement (Wardlow 1996: 20, 80). The sociology of consumption of the SSC can be seen as a coping mechanism for having been deprived of the ability to consume prior to SSC marriage (Shove & Ward 1998: 2). People will want to attend them and take part in same sex wedding because they’re new and novel. The act of same sex marriage is an adaptive emotional and social mechanism. Invention comes out of applying coping mechanism for consumption in SSC (Franke & Shah 2003: 157).


The SSC seek to asset their identity through consuming (Wardlow 1996: 93).Seek a single identity or image, but several for different moods, and to the extent that all are equally stylish someone might acquire several matching sets of everything. The theme the colours everything must match consistent. Table cloths to match bridesmaid dresses. SSC make their choices based on the pursuit of happiness (Shove 2001: 2). SSC attitudes and behavior toward consumption are based on the happy SSC couples which are presented through media and real life interactions (Giddins 1984: 225)

Specialisation in daily life

SSC prefer vendors who cater to their tastes (Wardlow 1996: 32). Many partners in SSC had not been given the opportunity to pursue their dreams. As a result, on the become partners in SSC they want to pursue every dream (Shove & Ward 1998: 2). Suits what to wear the creation of same sex weddings brings about new diverse range of social situations that different attire will be created. Methods of conceptualizing life changes demonstrate previous comprehension of the correlation between structure and agency. SSC want to live for the moment and consume as well as they can in order to compensate for the lack of consumption experienced prior to becoming partners (Shove & Warde 1998: 3; Shove 2001: 2).

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