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The Future of Education – What will it Look Like?
Solving the Main Problem The main problem in education is an economic one. Unlike most other human activities, in education labor productivity does not grow over time. A thousand years [...].

October 6, 2021

Predictions in Robotics for the next two decades
Earlier this year, Samsung introduced the Bot Handy, a multifunctional housewife robot, while scientists from Germany and Switzerland showed the soft hugging robot HuggieBot 2.0. During the coronavirus pandemic, such [...].

September 22, 2021

Interesting History – Leonardo da Vinci’s Personality Report
Mirror handwriting Leonardo had a mirrored handwriting: he held the pen in his left hand, and the lines began on the right. Most often in notebooks he first filled out [...].

September 16, 2021

How to Create a Great Study Space
There are different types of studying spaces out there, such as your school’s library, special premises on campus (labs, basements), miscellaneous places on campus (cafes, ordinary class-rooms, and even grass [...].

September 8, 2021

A Revolution in Labor Ethics – A Discussion on Why the New Generation Despises Hard Work
Protestant ethics and its impact on our lives In ancient times, people had to constantly engage in hard and exhausting work: plowing, harvesting, pumping water, and carrying goods. No one [...].

September 1, 2021

Popular Scandinavian Myths: from Odin to Game of Thrones
Creation of Dwarfs (Gnomes) According to the Scandinavian myths, shortly after the world was created, Day and Night had just taken shape and for the first time, the Sun and [...].

August 26, 2021

A Political Science Discussion – What Did Mankind Learn from WWII?
Violence is a poor solution to human problems Any human conflict can be quickly resolved by using brutal force. However, with such an approach, the loss of human lives, the [...].

August 18, 2021

College Essay Writing: Why Education Is Failing Modern World Challenges
What Is Wrong With Today’s Education System? Today's education system is perhaps the best there ever was. It is working like a good Swiss clock mechanism – the processes are [...].

August 11, 2021

5 Absolutely Essential Students Life-Hacks for Dorm Life
Dorm life sounds fun. You finally have a room where you can do whatever you want without your parents or siblings barging in. But hold your horses; living in a [...].

August 4, 2021

How to be wise at 20? A discussion on the philosophy of growing up
Separate the important from the unimportant When something happens to us that catches us by surprise, the brain pays special attention to it, generating signals that stimulate memory. That is [...].

July 22, 2021

Why Modern Blockbuster Movie Plots Become Increasingly Silly
Briefly about modern society Many believe that today there is an infantilization of society going on. It is well visible in all art, including movies. Just think of it: in [...].

July 21, 2021