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Top 7 Women Teachers in the U.S. 2020


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The teaching profession has remained one of the noblest professions since the dawn of human civilization. These heroes devote their lives to imparting knowledge to future generations. And in the present climate, their importance to the academic system cannot be overstated.

However, this year has been quite tumultuous and extraordinary, presenting new challenges to educators nationwide. But these brave educators have withstood the pressure and adjusted to the new not-so-normal.

This list celebrates the women teachers who have selflessly offered their services to students and pupils. The people on this list have shown distinctive service and have been recognized on the state and national level for their excellence.

Here are the top female teachers in the U.S.A:

Rachel Arens – Omaha Northwest High Magnet School, Nebraska.

Rachel Arens is the winner of the 2020 Air Force Association National Teacher of The Year Award. Arens teaches high school pupils science disciplines. She also instills a high level of discipline and social awareness in her students by encouraging them to be the force of change in their communities. This year, her students co-authored a bill and testified at the Nebraska senate.

Arens is also an avid promoter of the STEM fields. She was a member of two science education boards in charge of developing science curriculums in Nebraska.

Tabatha Rosproy – Kansas preschool teacher

Rosproy is the first-ever early childhood educator to become the National Teacher of the year. She teaches in an intergenerational program for preschool children within a retirement community. She uses her loving approach to bridge the generational gap, thereby creating a sense of community in her classroom.

Leila Kubesch – Norwood Middle School

Kubesch is an 8-grade English and foreign language teacher. She fosters a sense of leadership and community within her students by showing them ways to rise beyond their difficult backgrounds. She also encourages different youth initiatives focused on community partnerships and innovative learning. Kubesch also played a significant role in enacting House Bill 50 (on foster youth in Ohio).

Linda Rost – Baker High School, Montana

Rost is a highschool science teacher specializing in anatomy, physiology, biology, and chemistry. She heads a blossoming science research program that has produced a lot of high-flying students. Her students have participated and won multiple awards in national and international science competitions.

Teresa Beilstein – South Shore Elementary School, Crownsville, Maryland

Teresa is a third-grade educator that values the joy of acquiring knowledge. Her students practice reading by capturing their reading attempts on recording devices and sending them to a children’s hospital.

Leah Juelke – Fargo South High School, North Dakota

Leah works with refugee students struggling with PTSD and fluency in English. Through her experience, she advocated against a bill banning the resettlement of refugees in North Dakota – the Journey to America project.

Angel Mejico – El Cerrito Middle School, California

Angel employs an unconventional method of teaching through the use of creative spaces for the free expression of ideas. Her efforts have been rewarded by the introduction of an art exhibition promoting the intertwining of arts and sciences.

One thing all these women have in common is their unorthodox approach to learning. They also provide selfless services and encouragement to youth from troubled backgrounds. A good teacher can be the parent or guardian most young people need during their development. 

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